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The Future is Now: Change and Innovation in Exam Delivery - Shared screen with speaker view
ATP Support-Mckenna Shanahan
Hello and Welcome everyone! The webinar will begin shortly. If you have any questions during the duration of the webinar, please use the Q&A feature located on the bottom right hand side of the zoom toolbar. Thank you for joining us today!
ATP Support-Mckenna Shanahan
Thank you all for joining us today for the webinar. If you have any questions during the duration of the webinar, please use the Q&A feature located on the bottom right hand side of the zoom toolbar.
Jarrod Morgan
Hi Anita! Great question… we have that exact question coming up!
Hilary Wilson
How do you handle appeals based on technical issues on the day of the exam, despite the Candidate having successfully completed a system compatibility check?
Andy Farella
Chat or Q&A for questions? I entered this to Q&A: How do you instill confidence in your honest test takers that other are not cheating putting them at a competitive disadvantage?
Gemma Beierback
Hi Hilary we use a candidate acknowledgement it is available on the how to apply tab on our website www.cceb.ca
Tony Zara
How do you assure standardized conditions when testing in each individual’s home? There is so much variance and differences in people’s homes and family situations.
Gemma Beierback
We found that when candidates attempted the same exam form some in person and some remote there was less than a 1% difference between their performance.
Paul Creed III
How have you handled the exam fees for the remote proctoring? Do you pass those directly to the candidates or absorb the extra cost?
Salma Satchu
I'm wondering if any of the panelists or attendees have any experience or insight into high stakes performance based testing - either running them during the pandemic, or converting the usual performance-based content to a virtual / remote delivery format. I'm thinking about simulation based exams / OSCE format.
Wayne Fernandes
A concern is protecting exam questions from being stolen or compromised. How is this concern addressed in an online testing model?
Gemma Beierback
Hi Salma there is a session on this specifically tomorrow :) hosted by the ATP health sector SIG. email Christine Mills to register :) Christine.Mills@ascendlearning.com
Elisa Kahn
How does Proctor U handle exams being taken on virtual machines?
Shonelle Wilkinson
Gemma, would you mind posting the link to the registration for this session? The email you provided keeps bouncing. Thanks.
Karyn Waller-Finkelstein
Faisel: can you pls explain what you mean by a "variable" section?
Faisel Alam
Variable section is a non-scored section intended for measurement
Gemma Beierback
APT Health SIG session info:
Gemma Beierback
Performance Assessment in an Era of Covid-19 and Severe Disruption: Thoughts on MovingForwardThe Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the fragility of some of our assessment formats and models under severelydisruptive conditions. While remote proctoring and other decentralized testing solutions have been proposed for MCQs,the problem is much more pronounced and multifaceted for performance assessments which rely on human beings asexaminers and even as test items (e.g., in an Objective Structured Clinical Examination or OSCE). This session will allowparticipants to share the experiences of some testing programs in this realm and more importantly, to have a fulsomediscussion on what the future might hold for performance assessment. Please join us as we welcome Gemma Beierback(CCEB) and Ross Brown (DRC) to share their insights and experience on this topic. This session is free. To RSVP, pleaseemail Christine.Mills@Ascendlearning.com.
Gemma Beierback
If you still have issues email me and I will forward to Christine … gbeierback@cceb.ca
Gemma Beierback
ATP* Health Sector SIG
Lynne Shindoll
Saw a question regarding additional costs for remote proctoring. Have you passed along to test taker?
Gemma Beierback
Hey Lynne, We have found that there is essentially no net cost change as we used to be heavily in person so the cost we are saving from facilities we are spending on remote proctoring (we use live proctor 1/6 ratio)
Gabriell Darby
Great session everyone! Really enjoyed it!
Michael Mekhael
Thank you very much for all the great information!
Amy Buono
thank you so much, great session!
ATP Support - Michelle Issing
Thank you for joining us! We're so glad you were here!